LED lighting System


Dinotronic is proud to present a state of the art LED Light Low Power Solution for your home or business.  

This innovative and easy to operate touch panel not only looks great with it slim line de­sign, but has the ability to last longer than a standard light switch. With no physical me­chanical switching mechanism, Dinotronic Smart Lights will change the way we live our day to day lives.

 With just a light touch Dinotronic Smart Lights are easy to turn on and off. Life is demand­ing and stressful these days, make relaxation easy! A simple touch and hold for 3 seconds and Smart Lights dims to the mood that suits you.

Dinotronic Smart Light will automatically start to dim when your hand is left on the touch panel for longer than 3 seconds. Whenever you want, you can ramp up your mood and your lights with just a touch.

No more switches, buttons or dials. Dinotronic Smart Lighting solutions puts people first.

 A quick touch will turn the light On or Off. Holding the hand onto the panel for longer than 3 seconds will start dimming the light. The intensity ramps up and down until the hand comes off the panel.

Additional touch panels can easily be added as they are connected in parallel.

The Dinotronic Smart Lights LED lighting system only requires 48 volt DC. This can be sourced out of a high efficient switch mode power supply, (which turns 240 volts AC - Standard supply in Aus­tralia - into 48 volts DC), or batteries which can be charged via solar or wind generation.

And with a power consumption of only about 4W per downlight you save even more on your electricity bill.

The unique power saver option gives you further peace of mind. No more guessing ("did I turn the light off?"). After three and a half hours the lights will dim to half their intensity, after a further 10 minutes the lights will switch off automatically.

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